Supporting families through separation and divorce

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Neutral Ground Solutions has provided supervised parenting time (supervised visitation) and parent education services to families in Central Indiana since 2012.  

Supervised Parenting Time

Supervised parenting time may be ordered by a court during parents' separation or divorce; it allows children a way to stay in contact with both parents while experiencing minimal conflict.  While safety is always the priority, parenting time should be fun, relaxed, and genuine.  On-site and off-site parenting time is available, and reports are created for each visit.

Co-Parent Education

Research shows that children who experience parental divorce or separation are at an increased risk for a wide range of mental health, substance use and social adjustment problems.  One of the greatest factors lessening the impact is the creation of a positive co-parenting relationship.  Co-parent education gives parents some useful, real-life tools to help build a new relationship when the couple is over.

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